506 W 172nd St
New York, NY 10032-2302

Found 3 reports:

1 bedbug found in Apartment 2A. Please beware! They may have moved down from 5D (see earlier posts). If you live in this building- clean up your things, bag them up, and request exterminator services as soon as possible! It is certainly the case now that if it is in one apartment unit, some way or another it will pop up in another unit. It was found last week, Wednesday Jan 21st and we are having extermination services on Tuesday, January 26th, 2016. Will try and post updates.

BEWARE BED BUGS IN 5D. Apartment owner "J" did not disclose. Looks like according the the previous report she knew it was a problem to begin with.

We found bedbugs in June of '07 in apt 5D. Landlord refused to take care of them. We hired an exterminator ourselves but are not sure whether any of the other apts have them or not.

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