531 W 143rd St, Apt 5a
New York, NY 10031

Found 4 reports:

Bedbugs are throughout Apt. 5C. Landlord has been notified and simply does not respond. We have arranged for a licensed professional exterminator and further documentation of the problem. We know that the landlord is responsible to pay. We will proceed and notify landlord in writing of the obligation to pay.

just found more bedbugs...it is now 2012 and we thought that they had gone away but they did work on the apartment below us and now we have bedbugs again. I have captured and killed 3 so far...the managment company does nothing but raised our rent $100+ this year and for what? an uninhabitable apartment which is infested with bedbugs and mice. Today is 4/11/12.

still have bedbugs in this apartment after extermination. Management company does nothing. They act like they are doing something.

bedbugs are in this apt. found the first one on june 12, 2010. and then many many more after that.

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