526 W 147th St
New York, NY 10031-4516

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Apt 52. we had bed bugs back in fall 2010/Early 2011. Land lord and management denied that they existed didn't do anything, and denied that there had been beg bugs in Apt 42 the year before (which we discovered after getting them). Don't move into this building. DON'T DO IT. HELL!

Since March, our apartment (and although unconfirmed, rumor has it the second floor as well) has been facing a SERIOUS infestation. We've had the landlord bring an exterminator SEVEN times to no avail. We are finally moving out. A combination of an incompetent landlord and property management company, ignorant and apathetic neighbors, and an old building have created a perfect haven for the critters.

One of us was bitten multiple times on multiple occasions. We found bugs on the mattresses and in the carpets. We addressed the problem to the landlord who has yet to do anything, it is now three weeks later and the bugs have spread from room to room. Needless to say, we have moved our stuff out. The problem has not been treated at this time.

We were living in denial at apt. 1 for a while, as there was a mosquito problem as well, until we finally turned over the mattresses in December 2009. Not a huge infestation but definitely a bed bug presence. Not sure if we brought them or if they came from the neighbors, but a full scale plastic wrap operation later and we are still finding them one at a time. The building managers have been cool (with this at least) and covered one trip by the exterminator so far quite promptly and politely. W

e'll see how it goes from here.

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