736 Riverside Dr
Manhattan, NY 10031-2447

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We moved into a 1-br in 736 RSD in July of 2011. By August we knew that we had bedbugs, though weren't sure if we had picked them up during the move or if they were already there. When we signed the lease a disclosure statement informed us that the FLOOR had been treated for bedbugs, we asked if it was our apartment and the building manager said "NO."

When we requested treatment we were directed to the Manager's regular exterminator, whom we called immediately. When we gave the apartment num

ber he said, "Again?" and after a few more questions we realized that our very apartment had been treated for bedbugs before the previous tenant left, and also between when she left and we moved in.

During the cleaning and treatment we found a total of 4 bedbug carcasses, but no actual infestation, and were told the bugs were probably living elsewhere in the building and were attracted to the new activity in this apartment. It is now 6 months later and we are being bitten again. We were lied to and feel tricked. Clearly the building management has not taken the infestation seriously and needs to take more extreme measures to make sure that the Bedbugs in this building are more permanently exterminated.

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