518 W 152nd St
New York, NY 10031-2001

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June 2008--I started getting huge welts on my arms and legs I noticed bugs in my bathroom. I told my super, he had an exterminator come out. The exterminator said he did not see anything, sprayed, and bites stopped for a year.

June 2009--I begin getting bitten again. I find bedbugs in my bathroom. I kill one, hand it over to the exterminator. He says it looks like a small roach. I bring the super over and he confirms that they are bedbugs. I don't really have confidence in this exterminator

as he couldn't even recognize the bedbug, but I am hoping that he can take care of this issue. We are moving in about two months and I don't want to take them with us!

The super also told us that other units in the building have been afflicted.

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