321 E 115th St
New York, NY 10029

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When we first moved to NYC from Mass. late 2008 (Sept), we lived at 321 E 115th St. Within 1 month we were covered with bites. We had an exterminator come in four times within the remainder of the year lease and the last visit he informed us that the building has had a major infestation for a few years.
We asked him if the problem would be fixed with further treatments and he was kind enough to tell us that in his professional opinion: NO.
He said that an infestation this extreme could not be

remedied as the bugs will recede into the floorboards, walls and other apartments within the building and resurface when the insecticide fades.
We moved at the end of the lease. We are now living in Queens and bed bug free! What a nightmare that was. I am still bothered by the experience.

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