239 E 115th St
New York, NY 10029-2147

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First, the bedbugs infested the building next door, 237 East 115th Street. The management company did NOTHING to alert tenants in the adjacent buildings, 239 and 241 East 115th Street, that there was a bedbug epidemic - before or after evacuating the building to exterminate.

From August 2006 through September 2007, the battle continues with improper extermination procedures, toxicity causing tenants respiratory and other illness, and the management company STILL HAS DONE NOTHING TO ALERT TEN


In fact, the management company REFUSES to re-exterminate apartments that were not properly exterminated. The exterminator sprays the mattress and bed frame in one room and gives no instructions to the tenants on what to do afterwards.

The management company also DENIES the amount of "reports" of bedbug incidents, although there have been numerous reports to the Department of Health and the city's 311 Housing Preservation & Development units.

The bedbugs are running rampant in all three buildings. The Department of Health made spot inspections today, per an adamant tenant's request to the mayor's office. Extensive losses to property, physical and mental illness and unsanitary conditions continue to plague all three buildings.

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