115 E 116th St
New York, NY 10029-1303

Found 4 reports:

Serious bed bug infestation on 2nd floor. Exterminator came 9 times. Holding my breath until they come back. Hopefully new owner will look after building better than Dermot.

Recently found bed bugs in my apartment on the 3rd Fl. Management company doesn't care and be prepared to leave multiple messages that go into a black hole. I've talked to my neighbors and it's all over the building. It's a really large building and it won't go away until the management company decided to deal with it.

Bed bugs can be found hopping from apt to apt. The lovely Dermot management company and the useless and angry super don't care. Great units but totally not worth it.

Bedbugs are all over this building. Since it's such a big building, the appearance of them will ebb and flow because they hop around. Management company refuses to do anything (that's if you can get in touch with them in the first place). Even the newly redone apartments where there are no cracks have them.

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