540 Manhattan Ave
New York, NY 10027-5212
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Hey, Anon 10/29/2009. Can you please name apartment numbers so that the rest of us in the building can get a better idea of the problem?

July 2009-present

We have had our apartment sprayed 6 times by professionals and have kept all belongings in plastic bags, throughly washed and dry cleaned. Still the bugs are back every night crawling on my protective plastic bed guard. Landlord hasxfinally taken action however refuses to spray the apt next door to me. The bugs origin is through the cracks between wall and floor as indicated by exceiment. This suggests the bugs originated in the building not from an outside source ( I.e. Lu

ggage, handbag, clothing). There are at least three other apt in this building with bugs including one on the 3rd floor.

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Apt. 4F

There have been absolutely no signs of bedbugs to date. 7/10/2009

The exterminator said he did not see any signs of infestation, both after the first and the second thorough extermination.

Nobody was ever bitten in this apartment since I moved in at the end of January 2009.

Feel free to contact the management company for confirmation.

On 3/11/2009 a live, mature bedbug was discovered in unit 4F, and a day later, marks on bedding were found. After one treatment, further signs found of infestation. No activity noted since second extermination two weeks later.

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