332 Saint Nicholas Ave
New York, NY 10027-3614

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On February 18, 2012 only 5 months after I moved into this apartment, I discovered I had bed bugs. I paid a dog sniffing company that came out to my apartment on February 19 to confirm my suspicions. Once the inspector confirmed that I had bed bugs, I called my super/landlord to let them know and the next day my landlord and an "exterminator" came to my place. The exterminator was not associated with any known exterminating company and sprayed a bunch of chemicals all over my couch and my bed

frame along with spraying chemicals along my baseboards. My landlord said that the exterminator would be back in 2 weeks to spray my unit and the whole building. I got a call from my landlord an hour before the exterminator was supposed to come, letting me know that he was sick and he wouldn't be coming until the following weekend. The following weekend I found another live bug crawling on my dresser, so the exterminator sprayed my dresser drawers and then sprayed my baseboards in a haphazard way. They then went to the other units in the building and I came to learn that the other tenants were not informed of a bed bug outbreak in the building and the exterminator was only there for a routine service. I would also like to inform people that since I moved into the 7-unit building last October, 5 people (including myself) have moved in and out of 4 units. I have no proof that the bed bugs maybe a building-wide problem, but I wouldn't recommend moving in to find out.

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