1 Convent Ave
New York, NY 10027-2603

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Fall of 2011 there was rumor in our building that there were bedbugs on the 4th floor. We weren't sure what to do, as we had just moved into the building. We are on the 3rd floor and very worried. It was confirmed by the super that there is a bedbug problem and were furious, because the management of the building should take responsibility and inform people who are future renters. We have the right to know whether or not a building which we are moving into has had, or still has a bedbug prob

lem. Well we've found them!! and we are out of here. We'll never rent from this realty company again, we don't care that there prices are reasonable.

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1 Convent Avenue Apartment Building has bedbugs.

I started getting bugs bites not knowing what they were a month ago and then i started to find actual beg bugs. 1 Convent Avenue Apartment's landlord had a dog come in a check the apartment. The dog found nothing. The same night I found more bugs and the next morning I had bites. The exterminator from Empire Exterminators came the next day and did not do a very good job. He was in and out in less than an hour, which is ridiculous for an apa

rtment that size. Especially because they are supposed to take their time to properly steam and disinfect the area with powder and spray. After speaking with several companies in the city they said that the extermination process is laborious and takes at least 2 to 3 hours. A month later we still have them. There must be other cases in this apartment building. It is beyond frustrating. My landlord and the extermination company keeps on saying "wait two weeks for the chemicals to set in". Well like I said it has been more than two weeks since the first extermination, it's been a month and they are still here!


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We were told by our landlord about a week ago that there were bedbugs in the building. The exterminator came, and didn't find evidence of them in our apt, though we have found a few in our bathroom. He sprayed anyway, and I am hoping they are gone!

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