342 Manhattan Ave
Manhattan, NY 10026-2634

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I am shocked (but not surprised....) to see that bb's are still at this location. I lived in this same apartment for almost two years over three years ago and we had a massive infestation. The entire building was affected. I am horribly allergic (with immediate severe swelling requiring immediate treatment with antihistimines and prescription itch relievers) and had to go on medication for anxiety and exhaustion and the management company and super basically refused to do anything. We finall

y got an exterminator to come and he put some crazy toxic powder everywhere. We lost almost all of our possessions, all of our furniture, our damage deposit, days of work, sleep, health, and they would not work on it with us - so we moved out. They tried to sue us for breaking the lease, but we spoke with a lawyer who advised us to counter-sue and let them know that they were in breech of contract for not providing a livable space - and furthermore that we had no obligation to pay the rent or stay in the building. We never did get our damage deposit back and we were financially ruined for many months.

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Apartment 5S has reported the existence of bed bugs living in the floor boards and walls. My roommates and I have done our utmost to combat the bugs, including washing sheets, buying protective mattress covers, spraying cracks and floors with rubbing alcohol, spackling all cracks and openings in floors, etc. We have had a terrible time with the fumigators who have been rude and slow to respond. They landlord has been unsympathic and uninterested in the whole problem.

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