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I had been attacked at night by the bed bugs. We need the exterminator to spray several time.

I am concern I put my bed away because of bed bugs. Today 7/18/2012 I found more bed bugs.
Please we need the exterminator.

Update-Since getting Bell Environmental to spray our apartment 3 times we have been bedbug free for almost a year now. Finally. Landlord picked up the tab and had all apartments in the building treated several times. Most other tenants have reported good results as well.

I used to live in this building. I moved due to bed bug infestation. Bed Bugs began to infest my apt in October 2009 and lasted until mid November 2009 when the exterminators did their final rounds. Gershon has known about this problem for upwards of three years. They lied and allowed me to sign a lease. I fought them for every cent they owed me and won after filing several threats including outing them to the press and taking legal action. When the bed bug infestation first occurred in my apart

ment, I demanded to know how many apartments were affected.... they of course would not disclose that information. Many of the tenants have had up to three visits from pest control over the last two years to get rid of the bugs. The financial, mental, and physical damage this housing company has caused to myself and my former neighbors ( many of whom have now moved as well), by their neglect to address this issue is unfathomable. In particular, their disgusting misconduct has caused new tenants to enter the building, unaware, much like I was when I signed the lease over two years ago. More specifically of note, the company has neglected to take action against certain individuals ( namely those who reside in 66c, where the infestation is so bad that, according to the exterminator, the walls are covered with the pests) in enforcing them to clean up their apartment and take the necessary action to ameliorate the problem. I write this note, now removed from the building and living elsewhere, to inform those that reside in this building of the degree of the issue. I hope it helps.

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Bed bugs have been in this building since some time in 2008. At this point roughly half the apartments in the building are infested. The landlord (Gershon & Co) did not inform tenants about the problem until June 2010. New tenants have been allowed to move in without being told about the problem. In September 2009 the super told me the problem had been "taken care of" and that it was "fine now"... that was a lie.

In June 2010 a company called Bell Environmental came through every apartment w

ith a dog to identify effected apartments. This same company is now (July 2010) in the process of a building-wide treatment. However, Gershon & Co is still not handling the issue correctly. Rather than hiring a full clean out crew they are asking tenants to do much of the preparatory work themselves before chemical spraying. This makes it unlikely that the problem will be resolved. The landlord is also passing expenses off on tenants for fumigation of items that cannot be laundered (books, shoes, etc).

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Moved in Summer 2009. Never EVER had a bed bug problem in previous apartment. Within weeks husband began getting bites everyday and after some searching I found some bedbugs on our mattress and wall in bedroom. Discovered from several other tenants they too have been overcome with bedbugs and have had to go through the laborious process of washing everything and having an exterminator come in to spray several times. Very annoying to discover landlord was aware of this issue since early 2009 and

did nothing to combat the issue with the entire building, only on a case by case basis, nor was this disclosed to us upon moving in.

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Moved into apartment and within weeks found bed bugs in the apartment. After confirming with other tenants that this is in fact an ongoing building issue, spoke with landlord and they also confirmed they knew about this. Treatment is being done on a per case basis, however, as I understand it, the entire building must be thoroughly treated to avoid recurrences. Extremely disappointing that this information was witheld from us as we obviously moved into the problem and will have to worry about

this for long awhile until we are certain this problem has been cleared. Exterminators came for 1 of 2 visits, however, in the process a brand new piece of furniture was damaged. Will be evaluating next steps.

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Moved in at the end of July. Since then, have been attacked at night by the bed bugs. I found and killed bugs on 4 different occasions already. Working with landlord to get an exterminator.

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