214 W 96th St
New York, NY 10025-6317

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My apartment was treated twice for bedbugs and after sending in the dog a third time to check it out apparently they were still able to detect traces of them there even though I hadn't seen any or gotten any bites.

A month later I got a phone call from the landlord telling me that the apartment next door to mine had just been found to now have bedbugs too, and that they needed to check mine again to see if I too had them again.

They sent the dog back in, and just my luck the canine starts

scratching on the walls and on my bed again. Tested positive for bedbugs, again.

I bought all furniture brand new, including the mattress, boxspring, and bedframe, and now will have to drench them all in chemicals - again - or throw them out if they can't get rid of the problem.

This building is a shithole and infested with bedbugs, look elsewhere.

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