949 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10025-3102

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Actually, bed bugs can live in cracks and spaces in the walls. They can travel along electrical and other wires. Considering that many of the buildings on the block have had bed bug problems there could be another explanation besides peoples mattresses.

I live at 949, have for four years, and I've never had bedbugs. When the building had an isolated incident, the landlady got the bedbug-busters in here immediately. It was a geniuine waste of time -- we had to put our beds up and leave our space for a bit after the guy came in to spray. In my apartment, and in several others, he found NOT ONE BEDBUG!

People don't realize that a building rarely has bedbugs, but that BEDS HAVE BEDBUGS! When you bring your bed into an apartment, or put a suitc

ase etc that has bedbugs on a bed, you get bedbugs. This is a completely unfurnished building, so the problem was something that was brought in from the outside. It's not the building - it's beds that WERE in the building and are now someplace else biting away.

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We'd been living here for about nine months when we started getting bitten by something during the night. Upon inspecting our mattresses, we found one full grown bug and a couple of nymphs. An exterminator was able to confirm that the bugs were bedbugs and treated the apartment, but we have yet to see if the problem has been elimnated. We learned from the exterminator that he'd treated other apartments in our building for bedbugs, and claimed the treatments had worked.

Starting during Summer 2007 there have been bedbug infestations on the premises. Several apartments in the building reported problems. The landlord brought in an exterminator, but the problem remains and bedbugs have been spotted.

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