953 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10025-3016

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1st floor apartment in back -- moved here in September of 2006. Was getting itchy bumps all over arms, hands, & stomach, but thought it was allergy for several months. Late one night, saw a little bug crawling on my futon. Caught it & took it to exterminator for verification. Sure enough, it was a bedbug. Super had an exterminator come & he found a few other bedbugs under the futon. He told me the building has had bedbug problems for a while. He sprayed around , but didn't do a great job. The ex

terminator is a regular at the building, but never gets the job done, because the bugs can move from apartment to apartment (& he sprays only 1 at a time). The bedbugs remained for the duration of the lease until I moved out. When I was viewing the apt., the real estate broker made no mention of the fact that there were bedbugs in the building, even though it was known for a long time, that there were. He got paid > $2000 for his 'services'.

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Apartment 4C
First bites appeared on Sunday, July 26, 2009.

Noticed bites on right arm on Sunday, July 26th. Tore bed apart did not find anything. Received more bites on my left arm on Monday, July 31st. Notified Landlord on Tuesday, August 1st. Exterminator arrived on Tuesday, August 4th and found bed bugs in the bottom of my box spring hiding under flaps of material. They sprayed the bed and put a box spring cover on that I had purchased. Nothing was found in the living room couch.

The super came over to seal the floor board molding on the wall where my head board rests. No bites that night. Wednesday, August 5th received bits on my left finger and my left ear lobe. Thursday, August 6th called exterminator, pending appointment. Also sprayed alcohol 91% in all nooks and crannies of my wooden bed frame. Tossed pillow that was used on Wednesday night. Friday, August 7th, notified Super and Landlord that still received bites Wednesday night. No apparent bites Thursday night.

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