964 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10025-3002

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we found beg bug on the top floor room, and told the management who hired someone killed the beg bug,but doesn't work. We still were bite.most roommates moved to another place except one guy and me. we were trying to use another thing to kill bedbug.


last night,I was lying on the bed and watching a movie with my pad. I saw a big bed bug climb on my bed. I scared and tried to use a napkin to catch it, but it disappeared,and I could't find it. As a result, I did not sl

eep last night.

I am gonna move to another place next month.I hope next resident will see this and take care~~

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July 2010
Bedbug infestation in apartments on the top floor. Tenant reported to management, was told to fill out and sign a form which would activate the process to get the exterminator to the aprtment. After waiting a full week I gave up and hired (and paid for out of pocket)a bed bug expert to exterminate and bed-bug proof the apartment.

After questioning other tenants, reports of bedbugs were revealed from the 2nd and 3rd floors. Tenants typically do not speak English and therefore ten

d not to report to management and/or super.

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