70 W 109th St
New York, NY 10025-2614

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We are currently looking at 3 bedroom apartments in the city. We came across this one as we were walking down the street, and the 3 girls who were moving out told us about the bed bugs. We were still willing to look at the apartment, assuming that the problem would be taken care of. The management company first tried to lie about the bed bugs, and then they told us that their method of removal was to open the windows and "freeze" them out (interesting, considering we are having a fairly warm

winter). I'm just an honest person trying to warn innocent prospective renters. Please beware of this apartment and management company.

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This is a test post

Bitten in the middle of the night. Found a bed bug. Found a moulting of a bed bug. Think they're coming from the cracks in the room.

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