203 W 84th St, Apt 1b
New York, NY 10024-8001

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Last night I was up late watching Project Runway on my iPad in bed. I noticed a tiny bug crawling next to me and immediately went on alert. I killed it, turned on the lights to save the critter when I noticed several full grown bugs crawling on the wall next to my bed. Eeeek!!! I managed to get four into a zip loc and indeed confirmed the presence of bed bugs.
I must not be allergic to their bites because I have not had itching though I had noticed what looked like pimples on the back of my le

gs from time to time.
Hmmm...I guess it was bound to happen since we live in NYC and have know two close family friends who've gone through this. Our kids have slept at their place and their kids have slept at our place. Yeah... I refuse to live in fear of these buggers...yes, we'll take care of the problem, but life goes on and it is good.

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