103 W 77th St
New York, NY 10024-6901

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I subleased an apartment in this same exact address July 2012. Not only did I and my children get bitten alive, we spent the entire summer sleeping in the the living room, avoiding the bug infested bedroom, and the saddest part was that, the people who subled us the apartment would not even return back my DEPOSIT, blaming me for the bugs!!!!! And I had brought a professional in to look at the mattress....NOT RECOMMENDED TO STAY HERE.

I wish I had checked your website and had seen this pre e

xisting problem in the building before I had subleased this bed bug infested place, before I had got bitten alive for 6 weeks with my children, and before I was charged more money than I bargained for, meanwhile got blamed for the PRE-existing problem.

What would you do?

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A tenant was bit in her bedroom in the night of October 13 & again on October 16. An exterminator service that uses a beagle to detect bed bugs located a place in the bedroom where the bugs were. The entire bedroom has been treated twice now. The landlord is not doing anything to prevent a more widespread infestation in the building.

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