422 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10024-5812

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I would proceed with extreme caution if looking to rent an apartment in this building. I did not actually move in, and here is my story.

I saw a unit in this building, put down a deposit and application, and my application was accepted. Upon some research before the lease signing, I discovered this website and that the building was listed here in the begbug registry and had a pretty awful complaint.

I politely inquired about this report with the management, as I did not want to move into

a bedbug situation. I simply wanted to know what happened in the past and how management dealt with it. WELL apparently that was the wrong question to ask.

After receiving NO information from the management about my inquiry into the past bedbug situation, my application was taken back and I was no longer offered the apartment.

Clearly the management of this building has something to hide if they will not answer a simple, polite, completely appropriate question about past bedbug history in this building. Upon further researching, I discovered this building is also not validly registered with the NYC agency HPD.

There are some odd, shady things going on with this building's management. The fact they wouldn't answer a simple inquiry for a person about to sign a lease is absurd. I would steer clear from this management company that clearly does not care about tenant's safety & health.

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I encountered bed bugs for the first time in January 2011. I started having bites all over my body, but was not able to see any bugs. There were no remains/stains on my mattress. I had severe allergic reactions on my skin. I finally notified the management who sent an exterminator. He told me he will not be able to do anything until I find a sample (bed bug) even though I showed him my bites. It took another month until I finally found one. I was unable to sleep, I slept with a hat, socks, tried

to cover every possible body part up. I was afraid to go to sleep and wake up with another 50 new bites. I had the bites in the face, on my neck, arms, legs, toes, pretty much everywhere. It was horrible.
After two months of going through hell I finally found a sample and called the management and exterminator who treated the apartment in April 2011.
I was hoping this would be the end of the torture, but that was definitely wrong. Four weeks later I again encountered bed bugs in the bathroom. A week later I had another bite and I called the exterminator again. They treated the apartment again (one time), but after one week we found another bed bug.
I had a conversation with the exterminator asking him how this could happen because you were unable to see any remains of bed bugs in our apartment and why they would be in the bathroom. He told me then that the apartment below us was extremely infested and they needed to treat it with heat, but the lady living there would refuse to leave the apartment.
I am still not sure whether it actually got treated. Our apartment got treated another time and we have not encountered bed bugs since then anymore. I will leave this place and hope to never have such a bad experience again. It was literally hell with management unfriendly, unresponsive, the worst of the worst. In case you can stay away, I highly recommend DO SO!!!!

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