473 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10024-5107

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We started getting small bites near the end of September. They looked like mosquito bites. We live on the second floor. Somewhere around mid October, the bites started getting more frequent and closer together. We have been treated once, but they started coming back a few days later. We have never seen the bugs, no blood on sheets, no dead bodies, no eggs, no usual signs of bed bugs, except the bites themselves. I believe they are coming from the floor above us, because the tenants recently move

d. The treatment we received was speedy and professional, but it didn't even kill the small roaches in the kitchen. We are hoping the second treatment works.

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I started getting bites around July 6th, thought they were from mosquitos..on my upper arms and legs. I did have little blood stains on my sheet... Then I saw the actual brownish bug on my bed..killed it..a few days later I turned on the light in my bedroom and there were babies..Called the management and they sent an exterminator right away. He found evidence on my boxspring..Had 2 exterminations..first one on July 18,2011.....It's a small building and I feel the tenants should be notified and

preventive measures taken..I was told from tenants that have lived there for many years that they were in the building before..This incident occurred on the 3rd floor..

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I have been plagued by them at 70 West 83rd. Now I realize they must have been coming from 473 or the building next to it.
The landlords are in total denial.

I lived in this building for many years up until 2006. The bed bugs started on the 5th floor in mid-2004 unbeknown to me and most others in the building, until it hit others the next year. The southern adjacent building has also been struggling with the problem for years, and it is believed the bugs originated from it.

This building has been infested with bed bugs since 2004. The building next door also has them so it's a vicious cycle of the bugs moving to and from each building and in between apartments as they spot treat the areas.

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