209 W 87th St
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Discovered bed bugs at home 2 months after staying at the Belnord Hotel May 28-31, 2014. Have not been able to trace the infestation to any other source. Clark Pest inspector said this was within the time frame of our infestation. Very expensive to treat our home

20 October 2010
Room 501

We checked in at 9pm, and at 3:30a my very allergic husband woke with nearly 40 red welts on his back, arms and hands.
We had checked the room (and know what to look for) but found no evidence.
We had read reviews at hotels.com and tripadvisor.com, and checked this site. I sadly just discovered that the "Belnord Residence Hotel" at this same address has several reports of bed bugs (on this site and others).
For the one night, they moved us to room 608, and there

were definitely no bugs there as my husband had no more bites.
They reimbursed the cost of the room and were apologetic.
We think they were in the curtains or behind the headboard ... we're really not sure how we could have missed any signs.

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