575 W End Ave
New York, NY 10024-2703

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We have now had two infestations in our apartment due to an infestation in our lobby, which our landlord kept secret from the tenants. the first infestation was around september 20th. after notifying the building, they never posted any notice in the building to advise other tenants that there was a bed bug problem and they never inspected the surrounding apartments. they are doing the same thing right now with our second infestation. new york law requires landlords to post notice in the building

to inform other tenants of the problem and inspect surrounding apartments. our landlord has not done either, two times now. with the first infestation we hired an outside service.. now with the current (second) infestation the landlord sent an exterminator that suggested only treating one room... from general knowledge i know that when treating bed bugs, the entire apartment must be treated for the best chance of success. and after doing some research on the exterminator i found some not so great reviews. so once again we will be hiring an outside service... i also know for a fact that at least 3 other tenants have or have had bed bugs, none of which was reported to the tenants by our landlord which the law requires. we tried filing a complaint with 311 but it is completely impossible to get ahold of anyone that knows anything. therefore I'm placing my complaint on this website hoping it will be seen by people in the my building or considering moving into my building as my landlord will probably not disclose a bed bug history because he has been keeping every infestation a secret.

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