174 W 89th St
New York, NY 10024-1902

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We never had bed bugs in apt 2B. Nor have we heard of this in any other apt in the building. This is a lie. I am so sure that this is a lie that if a tenant moves in to 2B and has bed bugs during the first year, we will immediately hire a company to treat the apt and resolve the problem at once, at our cost -Posted by Management

I lived in apartment 2B of 174. W. 89th St. in NYC for two years (2007, 2008). About 8 months into my lease, I started to itch and become covered in the largest, itchiest bits I have ever experienced. I had never heard of bed bugs as a real problem so I assumed it was spider bites, mosquitos etc. One day I came home and moved my pillow to find tiny bugs crawling underneathe it- I killed them all but still had no idea what bed bugs were. One day I read an article about it and realized; thats it!

It took months to get rid of it, and to this day I am not really sure if it ever "went away" so much as became more sporadic. To make matters worse, the landlord of the apartment never returned my calls or expressed any concern! After 4 months the bites subsided greatly after extensive extermination, months of living out of a suitcase, vacuuming every day, and covering my bed in vinyl casings. To this day I do not know what was worse, the bed bugs or the horrendous treatment from my management company. Eventually we moved out because other apartments in the building still had bed bugs and it is just not worth the risk. For anyone looking to rent in this apartment, I STRONGLY suggest you think twice.

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