144 W 73rd St
New York, NY 10023-3001

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In about August 2008, I noticed bites all over my body. A few months later, the problem persisted and I discovered I had an infestation of bed bugs. I approached our landlord about the problem, and receive an old can of generic bug spray in return.

Later I came to learn that at least 4 other apartments in the building were infected with a severe bed bug problem before I moved in. The landlord is not taking this problem seriously, and thus I was forced to move out. I have lost a $2500 couch s

et, and a $2000 mattress & box spring, 6 bed pillows, and 4 decorative pillows. Along with numerous blood-stained sheets and pillow cases.

I feel sorry for the next tenant, as this person will not be aware of the nightmarish conditions they are moving into.

The landlord is a very friendly person, and I hate to write this about them. But they know of the problem and they are not doing anything about it... including not informing new tenants before they move in.

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