160 W 73rd St
Manhattan, NY 10023-3001

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In mid-September 2010, the possibilty of bed bugs were sighted in the multi-unit apartment rental building. An inspection by an extermination service confirmed the presence of bed bugs. To prepare for professional extermination we 1) removed everyhing from all closets, drawers, shelves and the like 2)cleaned everything (down the level of vacuuming shoes, boxes, books, art work and picture frames, cleaning clothing, vacuuming furniture, etc) and 3) stored all of the contents of the apartment in

bags and plastic containers. Exterminators have had to make a total of three visits to spray over a period of 6 weeks. Regrettfully residents of the building have not been formally informed of the bed bug infestation, nor has an inspection taken place of adjacent apartments on the floor or the floors immediately above or below. This, unfortunately, may complicate erradication, and may even force a spreading of bugs as they are pressured to find a less toxic apartment.

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