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Toward the end of Nov. 2010, I started noticing some insect bites. By Dec. 2010, I was getting bitten left and right. In Jan. 2011, the land load sent a pest control company inspector. The inspector found sings of bed bug infestation. The apartment management company hired “Action Bed Bug” from NJ. http://www.actionpestcontrol.com/ They came to treat my apartment in Jan. 2010 and brought a dog to inspect other unites. It was strange that the dog did not come inside my apartment

. They steam cleaned my mattress over a plastic bag… and I was not sure if they really know what they were doing. The next day, I got bitten in 6 spots on back of my legs within 1 hour of sitting on my sofa. The super intendment called “Action Bed Bug”. They told the super intendment to tell me, “It is normal, do not panic”. “Action Bed Bug” came back in a week with a dog. The dog showed no indications of bed bugs in my apartment while I was getting bitten left and right. This guy just sprayed here and there a little bit, and sprayed the back of that heavily infested sofa. I asked why he was not spraying the front part of the sofa where I sat and got bitten. He said that he was not allowed to spray where people contact. He did not steam clean or fumigate the apartment. I am not professional pest control, but even I knew that would not kill bed bugs.

Now it is June. I received some nasty letter from the apartment management. Dealing with bed bug is hard stressful enough. They are more into harassing me than helping me.

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A pest control found bed bugs in my apartment. The pest control came to spray my unit twice. I did eveything I supporsed to do like empty my closet, washing and bagging my clothes..... I just moved to this apartment in Nov. 2010 from Califolnia. I have brand new TV, sofa, bed, computer desk, and some clothes. Since I do not have much stuff, it must be easy to treat my place. I still have bed bugs. The dryers in the landry room in this building never get warm enough to kill bed bugs. I am

sure the tenants can pass bed bugs from the dryers. I used to use landry service, but started to wash my clothes in Nov. in the landry in this building. I do most of my landry at a coin landry now. I told these things to the management. They do not seem to care. The apartment manager told me that I must have bed bugs at work or in my car.

I am still fighting bed bugs on my own.

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