427 E 76th St
New York, NY 10021-2506

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Then you need to report this to Management immediately knucklehead!

Just moved in, found bed bugs in the bed right away.

My girlfriend and I lived here for just under a year and managed to break our lease citing repeat bedbug infestation. Our apartment was treated four times over the course of three months, requiring us to wash and dry-clean everything we owned each time and pack the remainder into plastic bags. I can assure you that should a treatment be required it is not cheap. Our neighbors moved out because of this issue as well.

427 East 76th Street-first and third floor
In July 2009 I began to have bites on my face and then again a few weeks later on my neck and arms. I also had a 2 severe allergic reactions as well as delayed reaction which is sleeplessness, jumpyness and anxiety. I have been to the doctor twice and put on antibiotics.
My neighbor directly across the hall also has the issue and had an bite on her forehead and an allergic reaction as well that resulted in two trips to the ER.
As far as I know there

are three apartments so far with a bed bug infestation. One on the first floor and two on the third floor. I know because I live in the building and one of these is my apartment. I think its important for the public to know.

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