134 West 58th Street
New York City, NY 10019

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This building is he worst. I had several bedbugs throughout my entire apartment. Most of the residents in this building are students of Fordham University's Graduate and Law School. I can't believe a school like Fordham University would allow their students to live in a building like this. They claim the infestation is coming from a connecting building and they cannot control the outbreak. Do not live here or you will become infested with bedbugs and attacked by bedbugs. Fordham University or th

e building management does not care, all they care about is money!!

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there is a serious infestation in this building. I had bed bug, I had bites all over my body and the building refused to acknowledge what was going on. I got sick and couldn't sleep home, finally after I caught a bed bug in a plastic bag and showed it to building they agreed to treat (2 months after I reported the bites) by this time the bugs had spread to other units. I hired a professional company to come and launder all my clothes, vacuum my books. steam clean my leather and purses, the build

ing treated the unit. I was okay for a month until the bed bugs returned... most likely because they had already had so much time to spread to other units and then returned. I've had 4 incidents since moving into this building and I'm desperately trying to move out. there have been at least 4 other apartments that have been affected that I know of - I'm guessing theres plenty more but I only personally know 4 tenants that have shared in my pain. this building is partly operated by Fordham University Graduate Housing. Both the building owner and the University refused to take action until I handed them a bug in a plastic bag. Beware of this building.

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