338 W 49th St
Manhattan, NY 10019-7303

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I've lived here for going on 6 years and noticed my first bed bug infestation in 2009. They were in my mattress, my couch and crawling on the walls in my bedroom. I called the property manager THREE times his name is PHIL FROOM and the first time he never returned my phone call, second time said he would document and send out the pest control agency they use (who never showed) and the third time, Phil said that I was probably mistaking them for "water bugs" which look similiar to bed bugs but t

hat he would send someone up (and of course, in true Phil Froom fashion, he was not true to his word and nobody came to investigate).

Additionally, I've spoken with 3 other tenants - each on different floors - and they ALL have had bed bug infestations in the past and/or are currently dealing with infestations now. Phil is giving them the same run around as he gave me and refuses to file the proper documentation (most likely due to the very high costs that he would incur for having to send out the pest control agency to take care of the problem - bed bugs are NOT easy to get rid of).

After 6 years here I am SO ready to leave and blame Phil and his incompetent staff of morons for being lazy and not doing their jobs. I am through dealing with Phil and have decided to escalate to NYC dept of housing for action.

Note to any perspective tenants of this DIRTY, BED-BUG, RAT INFESTED dump they call 338 West 49th St - STAY AWAY!!!!!!

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People in the building have claimed to see the bugs crawling on the walls in the stairwells, but were told by management that the pest company (Metro Pest Control) found no evidence of bedbugs.

WRONG! I live on the top floor and my mattress (which is inside a bedbug protection cover) is COVERED in black spots from the bugs.

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