3 W 51st St
New York, NY 10019-6901

Found 3 reports:

I would like to stay at this hotel because it was a great discovery on my last trip to NY, but it is so dirty and dark and was left so unclean by the maid that I can't imagine they are doing anything for the bedbug issue so I would be too nervous to risk it again even for their rock bottom prices.

I woke up with what looked like a rash on my back and arms. When I got home, they turned into welts. I saw my doctor, who confirmed the worst -- these are bedbug bites. I have no bedbugs in my house yet, but I threw away my suitcase, unopened. I wake up itching phantom bites. I live in fear of my apartment being infested, and that some crawled out of my suitcase. I am terrified to ever travel again.

Bedbugs at the 3 West Club hotel. Staff unresponsive.

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