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My Mom and I stayed in New York City from March 10th to March 15th. I read up about bedbugs and was ready for any encounters with them, including how to check the hotel, etc. The 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th were bite free, so I do not think we had bedbugs where we stayed. We saw Mama Mia on Monday March 14th, 2011; and walking back to the hotel after the show I felt really itchy. Turns out I had bites; one red welt on my shin, three on my back, and two on my shoulder. We did not sit for any le

ngth of time anywhere else, and were careful to check the hotel for trouble, so if I did get those bites somewhere else, I cannot fathom where. I had the bites but my Mother did not even though we sat next to each other. We had Orchestra seats, on the side...and I hope we are an isolated case here because the show was sure good! I am taking all the precautions though; have my clothes, suitcase, etc. in plastic bags and plan on washing everything in the morning with really hot water. Will report back if further problems develop.

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