493 9th Ave
New York, NY 10018-4103

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I moved in Aug 2010. A couple months later realized our apartment was infested with bed bugs. It took months to rid our unit of the problem and finally in November-December 2010, we were clear. In that process, I learned that both floors above had been infested in the previous months, so it seemed the bugs were moving around the building.

The management tried to treat the issue but was not helpful in ensuring that the entire building was treated.

Other tenants were experiencing problems i

n Feb 2011, so that is when the management decided to treat the whole building. This process caused a re-infestation at our apartment which took another 2 months to eradicate.

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January 2010, 5th floor apartment was infested with bedbugs. Turns out a unit on the 3rd floor had/has bedbugs from August 2009. No other units were informed of the bedbugs, and they spread throughout the building, infecting at least 8 apartments.

Management refused to acknowledge their responsibility to treat/inform other tenants.

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