330 W 40th St
New York, NY 10018-1404

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stayed at fairfield inn 6/20-6/25, it was a very clean and proffesional hotel. very clean and no signs what so ever of bed bugs. recommend!

I stayed here early March 2012. I found two live bed bugs on the pillows. I squished them in a kleenex and took them to the front desk and told the clerk that I had bugs in my room. She asked me not to open the kleenex (because there were many people in the lobby). The clerk wanted to be as discrete as possible. It was at this point that I was certain that the hotel knew they had a bed bug problem. I opened the kleenex anyway. She knew right away what she was looking at. She took the kleenex,

closed it and disappeared into the back room. She came back out and offered to move me to another room but did not offer a discount for the inconvienience. I accepted and moved to another room on a different floor which I checked very carefully. The 2nd room was clean and without further issue.

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I just wanted to add that we just stayed here between Jan. 27 and Feb. 1, 2012 and the place was spotless. I came with a light and checked every inch of the room before we opened our suitcases. Nothing anywhere.

This is in response to the prior reviewer. I queried the hotel directly while checking in and they stated that there had been a report about a month ago where a guest had thought there were bedbugs.they called the exterminator and were given a bed bug free 'bill of health' and the exterminator said it must have been some other pest.

I just stayed at this hotel 9/21 - 27, the building is < 3 years old. I carefully checked the room thoroughly and happily did not find any bedbugs or evidence o

f them after stripping down the bed, etc. This property is very clean.

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Checked in August 16 2011. Checked underbed clothes and found one live bug. Caught bug and gave to hotel staff. I was provided a new room. New room had dried bug skins in dresser so got a third room which was fine. Home now and seem to be okay

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