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My roommate experienced bites and told the building. Both the managing agent and the Building Super said we are the first to report bed bugs in the building. Not only is this highly unlikely, but we had it confirmed verbally by a building employee that other tenants have found bed bugs and some have moved out on account of the problem.

The exterminator inspected our mattresses and said there wasn't a problem. We took it upon ourselves to hire a bed bug sniffing dog who was able to find bug

s in the apartment (in a bedroom dresser). Per the dog's assessment, the bugs were only in the room of the one who was bitten, and only in one piece of furniture. We removed all the clothing in the dresser to have washed and saw a bug, exactly where the dog indicated it was.

The extermination company associated with the dog offered a good price to treat the entire apartment (not just the problem area), which included chemical spraying of furniture, walls, outlets, etc. and a heat treatment on counches and mattresses (rather than chemicals). They offered a 90 day warranty which will include a second visit from the dog to make sure we are problem-free.

In contrast, the building exterminator (who didn't even think there was a problem, even thugh there were bites!) said he would treat it by spraying chemicals on our mattresses and required us to do a lot more work (i.e. dismantle beds in the unaffected rooms, etc.).

We opted to use the specialists. The building refused to reimburse us for our expense, even though their exterminator was clearly inferior. they also maintain that we are the only ones to have this problem. I hope someone catches them in their lie. In the meantime, we are pursuing reimbursement, as they didn't offer an adequate solution.

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