229 E 29th St
New York, NY 10016-8201

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I just checked on my posting to see if there was any kind of response and there wasn't... I guess partly because I typed my e-mail address incorrectly. It's [email protected]

A couple of photos would be most appreciated. I just read a bedbug report about the building right next to you, and they're swarming. In case very few people are following on this registry, I think you guys ought to read the riot act to your super and try to prevent infestation. People have a tendency to keep it

a secret.

see full report...

This is not a bedbug report, happily. I've been checking out old neighborhoods. I lived in your building for about 8 years until 1976 in a bedroom apartment (I can't remember the exact number) but it was on the lobby floor right to the left of the elevator. It had built-in shelves and a window seat in the bedroom and I left behind quite a bit since I moved to California, including some custom made furniture and a suspended bookcase that divided the living room area. There were Dutch doors to

the garden that I screened. I'm not requesting my belongings... just trying to identify the unit.

I was just wondering if someone might help me to arrange a little visit in the near future should I pass through New York. I'd just enjoy a quick peek at the apartment and the garden, if it doesn't terribly inconvenience the current tenant(s). I'll probably be in the city at the very beginning of May of this year.

I can be reached at [email protected] and I know this might seem like a strange request, but I very much enjoyed that little bedroom apartment and wonder if my bookcase is still there... and my wild roses, mint, strawberry plants, shrubbery, and pine tree. I hope that my precious attempts in the garden thrived. I would assume that the back fence may have rotted down by now. If someone could take a few photos and e-mail them, that would be wonderful instead of my popping in. Did anyone knock down any walls? The bathroom and kitchen were SO small.

Well, thanks. And really sorry to hear about the bedbugs.

Enjoy what's left of the winter with all the snow this year.


P.S. I just read the fine print, below. I thought I was sending this to management and not just a bedbug registry. Can someone forward it? ty

see full report...

I wote the first report and feel obliged to follow up. After reading the announcement circulated by the building management, I noticed they were taking immediate action. I had several exterminators visit me.I have never seen bedbugs, before or after the announcment. I am optimistic that the steps taken were successful in addressing the issue.

Management distributed a letter 11/2/10 to tenants confirming bedbugs have been found in at least two apartments in the building. I have not seen them yet and remain cautiously optimistic they will be cleared out.

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