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Found an infestation in our apartment last month. Saw the report on this website posted this past winter, so my roommates and I were concerned that bedbugs were potentially elsewhere in the building (esp b/c there was no clear infestation in our unit, they were sort of just on the wall in a room). We demanded the exterminator inspect other apartments around us, and discovered that several other units had infestations (including what seems to be a major one right above us).

We've been trying

to inform other tenants so they can, at minimum, be alert if not get inspected. The building clearly has an issue and the super is not notifying tenants of the problem.

Additionally, when our super first came to our apartment to inspect the bugs we had found, he told us that we were the first in the building to ever have this problem--CLEARLY a lie as management informed us of a report this past year (AND there is a posting on this site!). It's alarming how little communication there is around what seems to be a huge problem. We have thousands of dollars worth of dry cleaning bills and cannot afford to have bedbugs come back to our apartment.

Very upset with the way management and our super has been handling this. Don't see how they are going to rid the building of the problem if they just keep avoiding it. Traumatizing experience.

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Moved into an apartment in this building, back in September within a month we were being eaten alive. Called the management company, they claimed 0 knowledge of this happening before, even though another resident told us they had been bombed for it before. We had to was everything, all clothing, bedding, empty the rooms this whole ordeal, they bomb we did not have them for about 5 weeks, and then they were back by January, the exterminators tell us that unless they do the whole building this is

how its going to be...so we get bombed again all the laundry etc, management pays for none of it etc etc....It is now April and we are having to get bombed again. Living in this building has been terrible I can't wait until our lease is over. The building is clearly infested, there are a lot of older residents who the management company did not want to "alarm", well the exterminator said sometimes thats what happens in elderly apartments the just become infested and no one knows and they bomb apartments around it, but as long as they dont bomb the base where they are coming from they just keep spreading back out into the neighboring apartments. I swear this is going on here as well, its horrible a few weeks of ok, and then this, and what happens when we move, I'm terrified I will have this for the rest of my life. It's been horrible.

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