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First bed bug bites occured over 2 months ago. Originally, I did not suspect that it was a bed bug bites because I assumed that it was mosquitos that got into my apt from my roommate leaving the window open without the screen in place. Throughout the last two months, I would get a few huge welts when I wake up in the morning so I started suspecting that the bites were not caused by mosquitos. With recent news of the insurgence of these creepy crawlers, I inspected my mattress and found an adult

bed bug in daylight hours. Since then, I have found a few bed bugs(young -> adult) here and there as I clean my apartment. I have vacuumed constantly, washed all my bedding, purchased a mattress cover, bought bed bug killer spray and continued to see bites.These critters sure are hard to get rid of! To top off everything, I am horribly allergic to bed bug bites!

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