10 Sheridan Sq
New York, NY 10014-6824

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I stayed in the Sheridan Hotel during the first week of April 2010 for a week. My two daughters were with me and they were the first to be bit by bed bugs in the hotel room. They awoke with what looked like small rashes of bites that were itchy and irritable on the skin. I also experienced the bites the last two nights there. Hopwever, I never reported the problem to the hotel.

The management company kept trying to tell me that there were no bed bugs. There are a lot of studios in this building so they spread quickly in such small spaces. I have been dealing with them without an exterminator for 3 weeks. Finally, I was able to capture 2 and they succombed to treating the place. I am sure all of my stuff is infested since it is so small. I have been seeing a dermatologist but it is little relief. A doorman told me there were bedbugs here already but then the super

appeared and since he has recanted. They did major work here in December which is when I first thought I might have them and I think that is when they arrived. The management company tells me that I am the first case in the building, however.

I do not believe them.

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