313 W 14th St
Manhattan, NY 10014-5001

Found 2 reports:

Begbugs found in the fall, there were so many of them that they came out in the day time. Had place exterminated because landlord/management company (Weber-Farhat) refused to do anything. The place was treated, but bed bugs returned 3 months later in early January. The exterminator treated again but said that the bugs were coming from other apartments. Since then, three other apartments reported having bedbugs as well (although I don't know if they went to the city with it or not). Landlord didn

't not obey law and treat the whole building. Just discovered this week, that the bedbugs are back again. There is nothing left in the apartment, the place is cleaned weekly, and we have preventive treatments done every 2 months, which is costing us a fortune. The management company never responds to emails and never does anything to help the situation. The entire building is infested and the only reason every apartment doesn't complain is that only 50% of people react to the bites.

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Rats carried in the bedbugs. Bldg. mgmt. refused to bring in exterminator until entire building harassed them. Oct '09

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