43 Carmine St
Manhattan, NY 10014-4423

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I lived at 39 Carmine and had a bedbug problem. Sarsen called an exterminator, I required two treatments; and when I vacated the apartment in 2012, they told me they were going to deduct the cost from my security deposit, which, almost three months later, I still haven't seen.

I live in one apt. at this address but there at at least 5 other apts in the building that I know of which also have bed bugs. It's an old walk-up and the bugs seem to be spreading fast! My problem started in January 2010 and still has yet to be fixed despite several attempts by the same ineffective exterminator. The mgmt company (Sarsen Realty) has done a HORRIBLE job addressing the issue as I hear from several other tenants that they cannot even get their calls returned anymore! I think the

real problem here is the exterminator and the mgmt company refuses to hire a more capable one. I'm actually shocked to see that I'm the first one to register this building.

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