259 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014-4102

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I lived in this building in apartment #22 from May 2009-January 2011.

My apartment was absolutely dreadful, filled with bed bugs that would never go away. It was truthfully one of the worst experiences of my life, going on for months from the discovery of the bites, to the bugs, to complaining for months.

The landlord at the time was completely avoiding me, taking weeks to returning calls as I asked to get out of my lease and receive my deposit back and funds for all my furniture I had t

o through out. In the end after I brought up legal action I was granted my release. During the 4 months of chasing down my landlord in hiding, I had to sleep on my couch in the living room while every 2 weeks they sprayed toxic chemicals throughout. My clothes were in garbage bags on the living room floor.

Worth noting other units had bed bugs, I learned this when I noticed a sign taped to the front door of the building one day that read 'We have bedbugs, Help us Please!'

All in all a terrifying awful experience. I hope this note finds someone and prevents them from going through the hell I did.

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I used to live in this building when I first moved to New York, and sure enough got bed bugs several months after moving in. I didn't know what they were at first and since I never had any bites I figured it was an old building with random bugs. Surely enough towards the end of my lease many more started appearing. Management called and notified us there is a bed bug issue in the building and apartments were to be sprayed.

I left the building on good terms, but would not recommend people mov

ing here. It's a great location, but the building is falling apart and you will 100% have to deal with bed bugs.

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There have been bedbugs in this building since October 2007. The problem has spread and has not been dealt with correctly.

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