42 Morton St
New York, NY 10014-4021

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Bed bugs located in larger bedroom of apartment 7 in 42 morton. Tenants moved in 07/2015. Only one bedroom found to have bed bugs. Apartment 4 below has bed bug infestation too.

My roommate noticed a bunch of bites when she woke up one day, but thought they were from an outdoor event she'd been at the previous day. She went out of town that day - when she returned a few days later, she had more bites within a couple hours. She then searched for evidence, and found the telltale marks around her bed. I don't know if they hadn't spread to my room or if I'm just not allergic - I didn't find any evidence around my bed.
When I called the landlord, I was surprised he agreed i

mmediately to an exterminator. I was surprised until the next day I noticed a handmade sign in the building next door (also owned by the same landlord, and our apartment shares a wall with that building; we have also gotten mice from that building previously) warning that the building is infested with bed bugs. Sure enough, I found a complaint online.
Currently doing all the prep work - we have an exterminator coming in a couple days.
October 2015

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