139 Mott St
New York, NY 10013-4710

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JULY 2010-
moved into this (pre-furnished) apartment to discover on the first night the futon bed and carpet were COMPLETELY infested with bed bugs. my comforter was crawling with them. they were on the floor too. it was literally so bad i couldn't spend the night there. when i called the next morning, landlord didnt believe me and said he has had no problems (of course) but said he would call exterminater anyway because i was so upset. that afternoon, the apartment was vacated anyway due to fi

re safety violations (10 bedrooms w/out a usable fire escape). landlord kept my application fee and charged me for a night. just a totally bogus experience all in all. watch out for this apartment. the carpets (at least in the street facing room) are totally infested. it needs to be gutted.

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