127 Mulberry St
New York, NY 10013-4603

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I am amazed at the audacity of people to fabricate such baloney about Casa Bella Restaurant. My company is Red Dragon Extermination and I exterminate for this establishment for 14 years. I just read a review that someone said they walked by the kitchen and saw bedbugs and roaches . First of all, no one can walk by the kitchen it is located in the rear of the building, secondly, no one can physically walk and see bugs. This statement was obviously created by a jealous competitor that lacks the a

bility and creativity to hold their own in that business . I think it is unforwebsites hat so many website allow everyone to make claims and statements about anything.

Brian , Red Dragon Exterminators

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Casa Bella Restaurant is crawling with bed bugs and roaches. I was surprised to see this as I was walking past near the kitchen.

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