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Also would like to add that not only did we NOT bring them in 2 years ago (the extermination company Pest Away confirmed no infestation in our apartment, but stray bugs coming from other infested apartments in the building) but we also have taken every step of the treatment process seriously. We have lived with ALL of our belongings in bags for about 6 weeks. It's unacceptable.

Yes, there are bed bugs throughout the building--as a current tenant that wishes to remain anonymous, I know of at least 2 infested apartments aside from my own. And if you think management is responsive--I'd like to know your secret. I made a phone call today to both the super and the office manager and they told me they'd call me right back. That was around 3:00 PM on Friday and I still haven't received a call...it's Saturday morning! It's a mess in this office and they can't get their act

together. Maybe once they do, the bed bug problem will get addressed once and for all.

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I just saw this post from August about management not being responsive and that the builsing has bed bugs all over. Both statements are untrue. Mangement is terrific and bed bugs are not all over this building. perhaps this person is upset because they had a problem and they actually were at fault for bringing them into the builsing two years ago. Building have a difficult time when people aren't following procedure how do they expect to get rid of a bed bug problem.

This company is very proactive. as soon as there is a problem they call a dog team to verify and immediately treat when there is a problem. So it is not true about management company being horrible.

AWFUL. The management company is the worst to deal with. Every floor in this building has them. We had them 2 yrs ago, and they don't go away. The management and the landlord make it impossible to handle, and do nothing to work with the tenants. The bugs just keep reproducing and spreading.

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