198 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10012-4204

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Apartment 28 in 198 Elizabeth street had bed bugs on march 2012. We reported it to ozi mgmt and they ignored us until we reported it to the city. They confirmed with a specialist that we did have bed bugs, but our lease was up at the end of the month so they didn't treat it. When moving out 3 weeks later, they hadn't told any of our neighbors. We spoke to the bed bug company and they said it would take a minimum of 8 weeks for the treatment to work, but the place has already been back on the mar

ket for 18 days according to street easy.

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As of October 2010 the landlord of both buildings say all signs of bedbugs are gone. OZI has spraying done once a month, and if they found a problem they are willing to spray. I have seen in person that the tenants in apt 28 of 202 Elizabeth have cleaned up their apartment. I don't know if apartment 24 in 198 Elizabeth has changed. As far as I now the rest of the apartments in both buildings are fine.

OZI management (who runs 198 and 202) brought in M&M Environmental to inspect each apartment at 202 Elizabeth in early 2009. The situation seems to be either contained in apt 28, or omitted.

The landlord has treated all the buildings and no bed bug infestaions have been found.

Jan 2007 Apt 24 - 2 treatments
Oct 2008 Apt 28 - 3 treatments
Also found bed bugs on sticky trap in the hall of the building. Landlord treated apts has not yet send a notice to other people in the building (as promised) to get inspection. My fear is that it's a building wide issue and it will continue to get worse. The adjacent building which is connected to this one - 202 Elizabeth street had a bed bug issue in August 2008 in Apt 28. They had 3 treatments. Have seen a tenant in apt 8 wi

th suspicious red bumps all over his legs???

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