192 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10012-1410

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rented this apartment through City Sonnet and it was infested with bed bugs. Arrived there on 1st November 2010. Bites first noticed on 2nd November but didn't realise they were bed bugs bites until Wednesday when more bites had appeared - identified them through searching the net. The owner of the apartment was out of town and City Sonnet said it was not their responsibility to do anything other than to forward my email to them on to the owner ( I contacted City Sonnet by email because they

were rarely available by phone). The owner was very responsive when she returned to town but it was little comfort for my partner who had a severe allergic reaction to the bites and had to be treated at the Roosevelt Hospital on the advice from the duty doctor at a Duane Reade store.

I am very disappointed that a professional rental agency dealt with this matter so ineptly. Surely, when there is a known bed bug problem in New York, City Sonnet should take precautions to warn their customers and also to ensure that information is available to prevent continued exposure to bed bugs. We would have raised the alarm much earlier and perhaps have prevented ourselves from bitten so badly has some information been forthcoming.

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