192 Bleecker St
Manhattan, NY 10012-1410

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Arrived the evening of November 1st. Noticed a few bites the next morning, but did not make the connection with bedbugs! However, the following morning we were well aware of the problem, and contacted the booking service "city sonnet" who advised we needed to liase with the apartment owner.....which we did, and she was most helpful, with having all of our clothes laundered and luggage fumigated. Nonetheless, I have had a severe allergic reaction, doctor & hospital er., with an IV drip for stood

& antihistamine treatment. After 9 nights in NYC, 4 at this address and the remainder at the CrownePlaza, we're at the airport waiting for our flight to return to Australia.....and I'm worried these little suckers have infiltrated our luggage, so have contingency plans in place to further eradicate them once we get home. My allergic reaction remains very evident ie. Swollen eyes, face, neck and multiple bite marks on my arms, legs and torso, and I'm thinking that unless I have a miraculous turn around within the next 24 hours, I'll be back in the ER on another IV drip as soon as we reach our home town, sothanks to City Sonnet, the landlady & NYC for the intro to bedbugs!

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